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Tag Archives: seesmic

Around, around,
I twhirl, twhirl, twhirl,
Changes keep coming,
I hop and I dance and spring,
Between one and another,
To another more,

I twhirl around, twhirl around,
Happily hoping to keep pace,
Reaching out to my friends,
On Twitter, on seesmic,
On Friendfeed and —
All around twisting,

Twisting, twisting, twisting,
Changing and upgrading,
Faster the images and pictures and comments,
All zipping and whooshing by,
My happy little fingers flitting,
Round and round,

Twhirlling and whirling,
Excitedly chatting and sharing and seeing,
Straining to listen, now,
Soon new UI,
Blurring is the whirling,
The twhirl, twhirl, twhirl twhirling.