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Over here!
Over here!
I am over-over here.
Been chatting,
Both far and near.

The group
Keeps on growing,
The area is showing,
The pics,
The heads,
Of people
’round me.

United —
To a point —
From afar —
And more.

Over here,
From a tweet,
To somewhere,
On the Earth,
I am here,
To share,
And to gather.

With friends,
New and old,
The social world,

We vote,
And we share,
From most everywhere,
And especially,
Most notably,
From here.

On facebook on orkut for business or some fun

       And everyone from friends to all are aware

       That they only can so very much bare

       Unconnected friends unconnecting

       Profiles all around away fading

With to manage — able none

       No simple single way

       Without some horseplay

       To move to

       Many due

To one



Dedicated to Robert Scoble
The means, and Plaxo, not quite noble —
For elevating the conversation
Of social network aggregation,
As well as social network data portability…
For this I, and we, appreciate his popularity.