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Tag Archives: death

Sometimes you just have to try and relax — click.
Take a moment and watch — click click.
Streaming channels — click click click.
All varieties of things — click click click click.
National geographic – click.
MacGyver – click.
Star Trek – click.
Downloaded the Joost – click click.
Watching all blog-out-of-mind – click


Still watching… click click,
Jer-king mo-tio-n …………. L———–ag … click click click,
Calmly… patiently … changing the channel … click click.

Click – Click – Crash-gone!
Too quick, just clicked,
To the world – Back.
Mine of a blogger.


some inspiration from some cranky bloggers

I used Netscape,
It was good and it was great.

They A. Online,
Did not see the good in time.

We everyone,
Do know there are more to – come.

October 13, 1994 – February 1, 2008