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Today’s Web Laureate Insight to last Wednesday’s poem…

Logik: Making Sense


everything may seem complex at the beginning, but here is one product seeking to find the connections, patterns, and threads tying it all together in the hopes of adding valuable and quick access to the (e)discovery


inspired by another blog post about the company, logik, which had the emphasis on a bootstrapped company making it to profitability; also inspiring the title for phonetically speaking that are too "Making Cents" (and the pic was your clue)


in the beautiful words of 1markt of 1markt: "There is a duality this piece embraces. On the one hand there is the suggestion that if one is seeking success, the intent must be noticed as sublime at best but also hidden, while being lured all the while by the bait of attainment. To grasp the weight of this work one must get beyond the superficial and look much deeper, in doing so one is smacked with significance."

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