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Often it goes without saying
Until the moment it is said
Consisting quite fully of rationale
rational Thought
those notions of to do better
As better as be done
Secretly as secretly goes
As slight the strand that is there
Begging pull-pull-pull
leading to unravelment of


Reminder: insights and solutions to mysteries within will be posted next week. in the meantime, I would love to know your thoughts and what meaning, puzzle, riddle, hidden or otherwise you are able to glean from this piece

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One Comment

  1. There is a duality this piece embraces. On the one hand there is the suggestion that if one is seeking success, the intent must be noticed as sublime at best but also hidden, while being lured all the while by the bait of attainment. To grasp the weight of this work one must get beyond the superficial and look much deeper, in doing so one is smacked with significance.

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