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Today’s Web Laureate Insight to last Tuesday’s poem…

TWiT: It’s Leo!


from before the tech bubble bust of old to the new and coming lands in the clouds there has been one happy voice, person seen, and definitely heard, opinionating and commenting and explaining and exploring all things tech. his name is leo laporte — and a personal source of frequent poetic inspiration

within this writing you will find both TWiT (army) an d leo throughout and intertwined. twit’s highlighted in bold, leo underlined and the first 3 lines of each stanza.


the story of leo and twit is far from complete – homage to the technical and persistent presence of the technical insight of dvorak of crankygeeks and other fame – tube = the pipes and tubes of the internet – ‘mind and spirit be shown’ by always excited and happy leo everyday in video and audio … ‘presenting endlessly’ – receivers of the cast : duality of purpose in both the netcast(s) and those of the twit cast made up of awesome hosts – from ‘the mobile and the desk’ all can watch twit everyone, in all media and devices – the ‘mind’ of nearly last is that of which often discussed, leo’s mind, the twit army in chatroom


I also want to note, that there was a time when writing this blog had reached a fork in the road, and it was leo, through motivational email to me coaxed me onward, to persevere — to great success and happiness

thank you, leo

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