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of grandness yet sTill unfold,
in Where a story
transparent of technIcal glory,
To share and to be told…

whilsT a many other tire and groan –
We and us, in he a gem,
thIs leader of them,
of mind and spiriT be shown,

exciTing both young and old
(as even Way far back,
transparentas thIs cranky dvorak)
presenTing endlessly – oh to behold!

the public, from neophyTe and noob,
to croWds so more inclined,
each hour of each day on dIned,
have gathered round the Tube;

grateful receivers of the casTt
by Way of all media
— hIp-hip hooray hoorah —
from The mobile to the desk

lesT not be forgotten
the poWer of two way
through thoughtful actIon army
by mind, chaT, code, and pen

and the bold force that runs Throughout,
all together, and With each an integral party –
transparentunderlIned, "it is leo," I dare do humbly,
do humbly-happily-heartily shouT!


Reminder: insights and solutions to mysteries within will be posted next week. in the meantime, I would love to know your thoughts and what meaning, puzzle, riddle, hidden or otherwise you are able to glean from this piece

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  1. Very nice, thank you

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