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Today’s Web Laureate Classic Insight into last Friday’s poem…

Uncoverr: Old Fashioned Book


in a poetic work of how a certain type of book, technical and programming, will / may bring out the end of books themselves, at least in the form and fashion most immediately familiar, the service, uncoverred, whose purpose was to delivery these very techy books — itself has been found now vanished… purpose concluded?


in light of recent consumer device news, one must ask oneself…will the ipad end up making all books — old fashioned? what more timely than a look back at a poetic work that paid its respects to that old-old fashioned book — a good old book for those hoping to create the replacement to the good old book

written in anapaestic verse – style and structure chosen to give a sense of speed and the inevitability (of future and change) – as of something being pulled by force of gravity

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