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Today’s Web Laureate Insight to last Tuesday’s poem…

Twitter: Paragliding Whales


is in the air after the recent announcement from twitter investor fred wilson and his warning to stop wasting time filling the vast ‘holes’ of twitter. it was not long until the warnings became real to many, for example, the purchase of popular twitter clients for blackberry and iphone – chirp.


was the resonance found by many caught in unexpecting, unsuspecting states, those did not expect to ‘be pressed’.. one who was ceo founder of seesmic. i and others too feel that ‘the unconstrained’ creative people, forced to think outside the box, will in the end be better, by not focusing merely on the many many many shortcomings of twitter

will the next hole to be filled be that which now fills? what would be their best move?

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  1. Twitter would be ideal for writing haiku.

    • i believe i have done a haiku in the past here. and i have done non-haikus on twitter too. 😛

  2. Boston Marathon

    Runners from around the world

    Compete for the prize

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