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Today’s Web Laureate Classic Insight into last Friday’s poem…

Microsoft: Bye Bye Bill


come and go. frustrations ebb and flow.

in a time (right now) when it appears that new vigor may be emerging deep in the belly of microsoft, windows mobile 7 and project natal, perhaps the precursors, it is most fascinating, and perhaps even timely, to now look back to 2008, when frustrations and new revelations were all around.

when the "I’m a mac; I’m a pc" ads were most ‘in’ and the ‘thing,’ it was not too long ago that the news all abuzz the departure of bill gates it was. and out if it all came something most…

(are) fascinating.

not only have from noobs to gurus through the years been perplexed, complained, screamed, as they abandoned microsoft for the ‘apple train,’ but so too it was found that mr. gates, and was so revealed, a ‘new side,’ one shared with each and all, of frustration with the seemingly immovable heft that microsoft has/had become

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