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Today’s Web Laureate Insight to last Wednesday’s poem…

placecast: a nickel, a dime


you go nowadays something a cell phone, an app, a browser … all seem to be following you. and with that new more ubiquitous following of you and everywhere you go, you and those places that constitute the daily meanderings of your various ambulations and transportations be come more, are valued much, much…


styled hopeful with a touch of hopeful brevity so ‘bound’

more (less)

is going to place X worth a few cents to you? how about learning about a deal right there and then. delivering by game and by social platform, ads, and increasingly more, hopefully not painful as is so notably the norm of today. and in turn with relevance hopefully there becomes a decrease in their incessant frequency, delivering not only when or approximately so, but more accurately acutely to where.

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