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Today’s Web Laureate Classic Insight into last Thursday’s poem…

Brightkite: All By Myself

2008 — around

a couple of years ago brightkite was the hot location application in a pre-location app addicted world. a reflection into what was from a company that may soon be unifying them all, recently announced at sxsw soon, by way of so with none around, a poem more lonely and melancholy was sought …

before none

and before the addiction was at it is, it was often felt by many, maybe even myself — for I cannot remember my precise sentiment beyond my initial en-typing of this work, that location-oriented apps were interesting, yet lacked any real purpose in a standalone, strangely disconnected setting… it is in this setting that I found myself and few others, and by few I mean FEW for there was almost no one there where I went and went to look

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  1. I like your approach adaptive and fresh

    I’m here on behalf of jingle
    get a chance ck out

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