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Today’s Web Laureate Insight to last Monday’s poem…

Buzz: Control-Release


the chatter keeps coming from new and newer apps for socializing. recently, google released a product called buzz, with much excitement and controversy and most of all, a lot more friend to friend to person somewhere chattering

the structure of the poem inspired by one of my most frequent of muses (john keats) in iambic pentameter was so formed; designed to capture a sense of speed of change in apps, in google buzz, and online socializing in general


but for the buzz-quality, buzz-worthiness of the structure i sought to create both a sense of speed with just a touch of the awkwardness that this controversy, heavily within the realms of privacy and consumer security, has centered around. the awkwardness – the chaos within – conveyed through the juxtaposition of similar sounds prior to expected rhymes, e.g. security & privacy, restored & floor

the links to the many sides and google-unexpected buzz generated by the release of the google buzz … as well as to the many now connected facets of this growing communications hub

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