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Today’s Web Laureate Classic Insight into last Thursday’s poem…

AML (All My Love)


around the valentines when this poem was originally crafted there were some fun bits of news floating around. first, that valentine’s day is the biggest texting holiday. second, gizmoz, and avatar-y company was making availble some very fun valentine’s ecards


in that spirit of the sentiment of the time and aligned with day I wrote from my heart in the form of the subjects. in plan-language, non-text-y, it reads…

All My Love
From the bottom of my heart,
I love you so dearly.
But, get you a great gift
I did not do early.
With valentines day
In such a great hurry.
With it fast approaching,
I’m beginning to worry.
Thank god for Gizmoz,
Their digital card – I send surely.
I love you my dear –
Your hair so hot and curly.
But I now must go,
Later meet you at Charlies.
For during this time,
SMS texting with my girlie,
My phone plan – my SMS’s,
Am told to have less than thirty.

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