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ILU so dearly.
But, gt u a gr8 gift image
I ddnt do erly.
W V-day
n sucha gr8 hrry.
W it fst approaching,
I’m Bginin 2 wori.
Thank gd 4 Gizmoz,
Thr dig crd – I snd surely.
I LY my dEr – Your hair so ht n curly.
bt I nw mst go,
l8r mtU @ Charlies.
4 durin dis tym,
SMS txtN W my girlie,
My ph plan – my SMS’s,
Am tld 2hv less thN 30.

originally conceived February 13, 2008

Reminder: insights and solutions to mysteries within will be posted next week. in the meantime, I would love to know your thoughts and what meaning, puzzle, riddle, hidden or otherwise you are able to glean from this piece

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