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Today’s Web Laureate Classic Insight into last Friday’s poem… all a grrrl needs

a day…

using simple rhyme in couplets, lines paired, a look at the value of from the perspective of this, me, a woman


written in a style gentle and soothing, capturing the sentiment of that of as a good friend, a parent, there to wake you for school, remind you of things important to do. so to is and can be these alerts for all sorts of things, from reminders and rss feeds to the all important wakeup call rings

a more…

each link provides greater insight to the meaning within — extra dimensions layered to reveal greater meaning




remembering something important, show care

listen & give

rss feeds from people with intriguing things to say and be received


WAKEUP CALL to ensure underway all


…me of my friend’s birthday, get ready for later’s party

minor and small

and inject me with daily tidbits of knowledge to share


while staying vigilant for the neighbors youth

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