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Today’s Web Laureate Insight to last Monday’s poem…

iPad: Frowl


awaited with all did with baited breath for a device given birth from genius and grand creativity. speculation was crazy, yet the presumption remained, that apple would provide a device the surely entertained. yet all most ended up with was a smile, ney, have mixed with a growl, best called and referred to on forward as ‘frowl’


unable to see everything in real time I switched to the apple’s website at 3:09. to see what was all the fuss, the price sounded nice. but there seemed so much muss with respect to the proclamations from news and the blogs, so I dug deeper to understand these clogs. in the end most, not all, could conclude that this new gadget, was the enormous sister (clearly concluded by its obviously ladylike name) of the less ginormous, a mite thing, the ipod touch near-twin disappointingly bibbling sibling

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