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Today’s Web Laureate Insight to last Monday’s poem…

Competitious: Going from Cracked to Free

…the app,

the app to crowdsource, people thought share, the group’s common challenge of understanding one’s adversaries in cold, boiled down, comparative facts. so captured within, the interwoven thoughts …of a mind cracked… info cracked, distorted, confused and confusing & friends directed to free the locked up distributed knowledge… go and share free(ly) amongst all to bring forth the desired, whole picture of each and together competitor. both (left) justified as thought, standing along, together interwoven with the thought as whole – so too are the competitive strategies of competitor’s plans beckoning unweaving, understanding.


inspired by a tweet and an app. the tweet of unused lips left cracked. containing a meter and style, of thoughts interwoven, wonderfully suited to capture the complexities of the competitions’ strategies and plans.

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