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Today’s Web Laureate Insight to last Monday’s poem…

Google: Sees Light

upon a time

google once agreed to censor, going down the path of doing somewhat less than doing no evil. that path a deep dark one, as deep and dark, as seen by some, as going through the deepest dark and dank of the dingies of the Earth


accomplished by digging a hole so deep out of which, once ventured, few, position weakened, dirtied, vision diminished, would be able to climb

aurora said

let light be shone where light is needed, and voices go unheard. upon experiencing a hack attack by origin of China, codenamed Aurora — just the light that was needed for the return commence unimpeded — Google found the strength to climb back out from that hole begun long ago


and in manner less covert than the attack and the message within Google has most basically declared that China can and must acclimate to the statement of departure and say "Google, Bye" — the same message as above composed of the syllables of each line, as 1 syllable being ‘A’ and 26 syllables ‘Z’, so too does the poem spell out the message supportively

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