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ask I did do, to find a way,
a way to make my food tasty.
question posed, openly with hope,
and to make food better than rope.
I then began my short lived wait,
will coaxed those who once could relate;
"find spice", "use care", and "be patient."
someone, a friend, even more blunt,
to me, stridently asserted,
ans.: "eat out, problem averted!"


Happy New Year!!!

Goodbye 2009 & Hello 2010!

Did you know…

  • there are more to my poems than just the text?
  • there are often hidden messages, meanings, and fun puzzles within?

Yep. When I write, I use all the dimensions available to me; the links, the images, the structure, the formatting, are all critical to extracting the meanings and essences of my poems about the web.


So, starting in 2010, I will be shedding light on these puzzles, messages, and underlying inspirations within. Prior to any new poem I will be sure to post the deeper insights into the prior one.


I hope you enjoy this format change, and, as always, would love to hear from you, what you think of the poems, my writings, the format of the blog, what you think are the hidden messages, puzzles, and other inspirations, and any other suggestions or opinions you may have.

See you in 2010!


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