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Monthly Archives: October 2009

the entire network of joints,
stretched and strained and withstood being
terribly jolted. constructed
of felt and bamboo, disappoints,
it so does not —

transparent — int’net composed,
in manner of web digital ||

transparent// making made many || more mirthful

// with pieces online in design
interlocking real – virtual


Nice pretty girl
transparent cup of joe
In this world

Now had can be
transparentwith credit$
Gone Vir’t’ly




with pen in the hand
creativity floats free

computer ‘n hand
faster more can spring so free

when inspiration
strikes most true – a place to save

a good location
simply entered simply kept
must be there, invisibly

and for from the cloud
from whence these thoughts did so came

back again the cloud
until request for what came

constant and abstract
easy to use and recall

always seems intact
no matter how long away
back to nurturing thee flame

once surrounded by noise and…
crying and wining with no end.
food abounds abominably;
served while squishing knee to knee.
through passage of space and time —
the journey, the glorious grime,
dispassionately embraced,
a burden most all do faced,
leavened most temporarily,
through the power of wireless free.

as far as
transparent strength id home and me
transparentmilestones measure
can go
never thought
never …
transparentsay personally
applied to self
transparentto one could with chart
to one personally
transparentas far as structures
transparentcan go never thought
could with charts
and milestones
measure strength
transparentnever no – applied to self
of id and home and me

it of truth, to be seen that among,
and between, each so forth, have gone each,
to many of full real. all they seeks,
experience, the people, on do trip,
and be done, from hometown everyone,
to they been quality of complete,
within which of city, one by one,
moved to have less by lesser degree

listen to it
listen to it
listen to it the beat
the beat
listen to it the beat
chopped up
shared up
around listen to it
bam sets tracks
doin’ sets
we luv sets
listen to it tracks
in your face
bam face
online fun time
listen—- mu——
to—- ga——
it—- sha——

the music heard permeated to every and to all
from a leader uniformly followed by many did
’til at last a new jungle beast redefining with a twist

by no toad such unity rings
so true. but heard of market things
of units implied and with strings
defined to
expense for that which is true
in exchange for, as reward
for polite, public and more other accord

transparent on what to do,
ebb to me,
transparentflow to you,
a mystery,
transparentexchange a new,

the back and forth,
the widgets too,
the contacts nil,
the empty who,

as the crash and roar,
upon across horizon,
so subsides and in lets me,
and others less so fortunate,

as one so looks around,
surveys the aftermath,
assessing what has come,
this in elite collective path,

transparentone can gaze,
transparentas many truly do,
transparentthrough the haze,
transparentthrough the stew,

transparenthunker down,
transparentat last,
transparentpoke around,

transparentto known
transparentof own
transparentanon —