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Monthly Archives: September 2009

Of men, love them — do what you can
Make them look good, with some new slacks
and shirt with bands, do just dress ’em
Again-again, until be right
Easy at home, for your big man

it has been reputed that that
which be held between and of chat
of general estimation
created so goes creation
until of course a step amiss
no longer impacts mere essence
but now holds sway over more real
the purse in which one now does feel

a question for you
not too much to ask
because to know you
and get answers fast
from everyone who
can come kindly say
do like red or blue
and what exactly
brought your answers through
please select just one
and at end thank you

be swinging, and hanging,
all out and about,
all around, all abound,
day in and day out,
data in pieces, and so it increases
chance the of shout,
mash in, smash in,
mush data from scout,
’til be what and one with
transparent identity owned
transparentas fun
transparentas tasty
transparentas much
transparentas last
night’s pith —

when all ya wanna do,
is make the most of your time,
and do it right —
spend smartly that dime,
manage risk of scale,
that, being global,
invest and be green,
be a smidge,
a bit more noble,
there a things you can do,
to help that green grass,
and sky stay blue-blue.

with a hand that just might,
make structure just right,
in time mostly brief,
gotten most with less grief,
here now such reporting,
tracks much more, less distorting,
clarity brought forth,
on track henceforth,
more so mobily
phones of ‘I’, and yes, we,
really grand can be seen,
even in graphs of in-between,
such goes filtering,
so too is this thing,
easily used,
done, all fused,
into a package,
sealed for to engage,
in from entry,
taken of all, and of few,
entries together, all into view.

2 heads
Pink’n blue
‘ittle baby boo heads
Cute ‘n cuddly cupids
Oogy woogy ooo
Fluby dooby doopy doo

transparent pointedly attained.
friendly chatter,
and great game,
lead one to
three and four.
let’s explore!
transparentquick and fast,
the thing to do,
if you’re lucky,
they find you!
transparentmost especially,
the time when,
you’re the leader,
among friends.




to know oneself,
important to be,
lest that by way of,
time spent wastefully.

information_overloadthis is
driven – driving
as heat in the
hot of subway
tunnels as those
the people, information
they carry
burdened, a burden
to utilities
best efforts
as values, numbers
crush, weigh down
’til the mush
the sweat mingled
humid, wetness
the one, the other
smushed melange
of parts, pro/con
fun/waste, useful…
to not
as such overload
can / may / is