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Monthly Archives: August 2009

weaved through
so carrying
what is drawn
a bunch
from to to
lest not
of what
from which
is not
of it
and so
better be

all about the floor paper scattered
through what door people clattered
on to know more comments shattered
on through more comments gathered
in through forms hyper saideded
into row forms riper sentiment

own a bit
more to love
a byte

joined into
a line well
make do

miro be
the bait

of on to
hopes be cast

along this path i do walk slowly
secure indeed…
transparent oh look, a rozy
it’s stem strong and colored red
incline to pick —-
transparentouch! my head!
worry this event i not
a bit jumbled…
transparentbut, i do got
a system great to up back me
as path continued…
transparenti mozy.

when all the blocks
become to each
and each to every one
all connected
so done beseech
alike all but none
to where
and with all
and for
to know
of all micro things
of buildings
people, lives
blocks of every things

down they are
unfortunate the time
’round they mare
while e’rybody wines
‘stead of looking
more to others
better for booking
of things ‘n flowers
can only but
see how so
us shoppers
those sellers
all we be