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This coffee, now in hand, so starts today,
Like many other, here, in this cafe,
It starts, a wink, a nod, "thank you," and "bye,"
An act to grow the good in great supply,
And then, from here, a walk so does commence,
Along the way, a man, seen, asks for pence,
In turn, given a few and five more pound,
Anon, the journey goes ’til steps but sound.

Of late in day with mug, the fourth, now bare,
A perfect time to stretch, depart this chair,
To from and down the hall a whimper faint,
Investigate, make sense of this complaint,
So found a pup with paw ensnared in twine,
Once freed, its happy yelps and hops benign,
Made friends from desks most near the "puppy zone,"
And brought to next much needed, lighter tone.

For were they grave, the numbers being shown,
And as from hand the twine to slab fell down,
Those fingers quickly then began to move,
And calculating what they must now prove,
Idea struck, and now was clear enough,
Although just calculated off the cuff,
That extra costs could cut by half be done,
Remove the risk of loss of anyone!

With all and each, together, winding down,
Approached the time to leave, depart, this town,
Alas, delayed by meetings overrun,
So forced, rescheduled plans of coming fun,
With judgment made for situation here,
To fill the newly minted time with cheer,
So share a drink, a tale, with common friends,
Right after organizing odds and ends.

Upon reflection, most so pleasing learned,
Is it to know how good be good returned,
By chance, as if a store of will exists,
That can accumulate with plus interest,
Returned, so done, it was to the cafe,
To roaring shouts reserved for top celebrity,
For being guest of thousand times ten be proud,
Enjoy the coffee "it’s free" exclaimed the crowd!

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