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A spot of coffee is much too itty to drink,
Spot now, here see, no more by-and-by. They,
Of there, caused such to put mug down, and did.
Coffee (see such safety first) when the day, this way,
Is no to first another, but comical, as if drunk.
Much more put, when but too forward endeavor of they.
Too, by much, the comical forward on screen empty were
Itty and down. Day as endeavor. Screen would thus portray,
To by and this, if of empty thus be this —
Drink they did, way drunk they were, portray this Googly.

One Comment

  1. Is this some kind of code? Am I supposed to black out every other word or read it backwards, in order to get the message? It’s no wonder poetry gets no love on the internet.

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