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Monthly Archives: June 2009

be of for it, for be too
such so on spread thee
like upon a badge is it
not to wear not no nor is it
not a fashion of a bit
of a kind most digital
whose cunning does enthrall
awarely hope for more, all

gone away so days these are,
hours, months, and ye_ars,
timelined are these upped dates,
tracking laughs and … and tears.

Are sweet the dreams of much, of much to do,
So more are they after which does accrue,
Simply be put, so such sorrow be cast,
Welcome morrow today, it’s Alice
A thing is she, to speed, to shop, fully
For us, and those with time most spare, is key
Wherefore without so lost be these precious,
Oh family and thine own happiness.

lauGh of derision
a redundant decision
of see
we do
completely throuGh
ideas of short
yet another


of such
be this thinG
so closed
less when

email a me
email a you
email for we
email for crew

put quite simply
when old ways won’t do

applied something new

be to join we
and to share share through

or perhaps dearly
another other view

to what end should i cast thee,
transparentyou are but a fish,
transparentin a great big sea,
but, to stop, to share with we,
transparentin characters of
transparentlimit one sixty;
lean to positivity,
transparenton all, everywhere,
transparentunlike at city,
or yelp…alas so many
transparentgifts, perhaps unique,
transparentmost importantly;
time to prove in this big sea,
transparentknowing what be seek,
transparentrecommend for me.

but the footer
the footer
it has arisen!!

transparentwhy r u not concerned?
transparentwhy do u show no care?
transparentare u in collusion with the footer?

the footer…

the bane of my existence
transparentthe friend to mine enemy?
my disdain, its persistence
transparentin u i sense jubilee
fixed: still seems at a distance
transparentu merely just disagree

transparenti can
transparentbring u
transparentto here
transparentto me

transparenti can
transparentnow solve
transparentheal here
transparenthere now

with this
the help
from him

to see such a thing
as I see in thee
a trauma less
greek tragedy

drama repeating
emotions so bared
online on web
nobody cared

Such as new here thing , to have and have found,
In late days of spring, a new tool’s around,
Wonder should this fling be on firm ground,
With its now upswing, or no more make sound.

A spot of coffee is much too itty to drink,
Spot now, here see, no more by-and-by. They,
Of there, caused such to put mug down, and did.
Coffee (see such safety first) when the day, this way,
Is no to first another, but comical, as if drunk.
Much more put, when but too forward endeavor of they.
Too, by much, the comical forward on screen empty were
Itty and down. Day as endeavor. Screen would thus portray,
To by and this, if of empty thus be this —
Drink they did, way drunk they were, portray this Googly.