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Please understand,
transparent I do not wish
transparentTo cause a fuss,
I merely,

Seek to expand,
transparentOn what said Trish
transparentOf this post thus,

Account first hand,
transparentMy thought to pitch
transparentOf means disqus,

transparentWith all they.
transparentThey so be,

transparentOf what you see,
transparentOur community.


  1. Yeah! disquss is really good plugin for blog comment posting.This is also why i switched to Disqus.

    • hope to set it up here soon

  2. nice post, thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. Disqus taking advantage to all blogger I'm the number one fans of Disqus.

  4. *teary eyed* That was beautiful!

  5. *teary eyed* That was beautiful!

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