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PB is peanut butter,
Sticky and nutritious,
transparent many friends a sandwich,
Quite-quite delicious.

PB is many things,
Easy be created,
transparentslathered slices of two,
Evolution shared.

Essentially just works,
PB enriched to taste,
transparentbut with collaboration,
Revitalized Re-embraced.

wonder is knowing it,
PB is peanut butter.

But better butter Is nice,
transparentand when PB that better butter,
Is peanutily improved,
transparentthat is when and how and why,
Better Peanut Butter does prove,
transparentshow, supply.

Such is that PB+ so made,
What is and when so with perks,
transparentand so is to be and now are,
Simply PB works.


  1. Wow. Thank you for this. I read it aloud to the PBworks team and have taped it to my office door. The CEO of the company was moved – this is the third company he’s run as CEO but the first that has had a user write a poem about it!

    Much Love,
    David Weekly
    Founder & Chairman, PBworks

    • thank u very much. glad u’all enjoyed it!

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