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Monthly Archives: April 2009

PB is peanut butter,
Sticky and nutritious,
transparent many friends a sandwich,
Quite-quite delicious.

PB is many things,
Easy be created,
transparentslathered slices of two,
Evolution shared.

Essentially just works,
PB enriched to taste,
transparentbut with collaboration,
Revitalized Re-embraced.

wonder is knowing it,
PB is peanut butter.

But better butter Is nice,
transparentand when PB that better butter,
Is peanutily improved,
transparentthat is when and how and why,
Better Peanut Butter does prove,
transparentshow, supply.

Such is that PB+ so made,
What is and when so with perks,
transparentand so is to be and now are,
Simply PB works.

under duress
chiming chimes
hold stress
and climbs
much mail mess
until kinds
could to rss
harmonize happiness

In honor of
Earth Day we
Advocate, say
Let those can
Be re-used and recycled

Such so as
The thoughts
Ideas, concepts
Of more, on
From and to
URL shortening
Twitter mashing
Social net apping
Flim-flam flapping

Lest our brash call
Be too much
On thought
Second arrived
When it comes to
Saving the Earth
Just maybe
There should be
Those best not

transparent In
essence of
That to which
Of it flows
Of all types
Life be brought
And so shared

Noticing that,
As over there,
Where am not,
Yet here,
Most definitely am,
To searching,
And be,
Found. Altogether,
Sound din,
Embracement of
Friend sieves,
Constraints of welcome,
So be newly so,
Identifying just
What’s what,
And where,
They be all been.

To where to go,
That next,
To have – must
Walk, run,
Strut, that mix,
So be in,
Just time.

Where upon thy luggage be,
transparent Whilst upon the air?
Where upon thy luggage be,
transparentOnce one is there?

Where upon thy luggage be,
transparentOnce upon its loss?
Where upon thy luggage be,
transparentOnce such be toss’d?

To know or not,
transparentTo look and see,
To may be bought,
transparentFor photography.
While worries,
transparentSo wane not,
Shorts, pants, tees,
transparentIs what got shot.

Twas it were not a thing not — above,
But now and here on this level ,
Understood —
Distilled clear,

On accounts,
From the web,
2.0 and inclined spread,
Of networking of by groups,

To have not assumption make,
Yet exhibit, review, break,
Up-and-coming, goodness sake,

Lest be all who care,
Witness to is there,
Partake and compare,

That on the webs,
Both inter and intra,
And all that ebbs,

Such that too flows,
Of "I see" and ‘"aha,"
Mashable shows.

like tartlets of the graphing world,
most miniature pies there are many,
dots and spots upon the page,
capturers of time a plenty,

writ to there at once onto online,
with ease heretofore foreign,
of projects now up to nine,
up bounds approaching, to chagrin,

but that which so can ease,
throttle down the demands,
best anticipate my needs,
shall remain welcome to my plans.

You have not the wind
To see nor to see capture
That which desirous
You now to we exchange
Reciprocal acquaintance 
Moment transpired

transparentLess so than before

For now so dubbed
You and I, and they, and we
Have it become by with
So to indeed
Indeed so be dubbed
Easily, forthwith


Years in search of functions grand and fully of AI,
Day is now, be automatically for it, chat, mail.
Never more to spent or putting efforts forth replies,
Overcome, have answers overwhelmed us with complex,
Clearly feeling filled with malign, injury, done harm,
Introduced for each and all so sought is the this truce —
War unending. Relents not attacks, seeming in so,
Smarts such, artificial most, presents as official.