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When advice and opinions sought,
From those close and personal thought,
Often prove to not be enough,
And looking elsewhere can be tough,
Efforts commence, reduce the doubt,

Solely from within and without,
Combing, combining sources scout,
Alone, or with few, is too ruff,
Take new brain out,

Ratings from all do and have taught,
That which you, I and we want got,
Recommendations sine fluff,
Focusing towards the hot, hot stuff,
Simply through stars, better does sprout,
Take new brain out.

One Comment

  1. Hi web,
    My name is Kate – I work at outbrain. I loved the comment you left on Venture Beat about outbrain being like a friend with a giant brain and actually that is exactly what we’re going for. We are constantly striving to build a system that can recommend great content that you, personally, will love.
    If you would like to install outbrain on your blog and are having trouble installing I’d love to help you out with that. Feel free to drop me a line at kate[at]outbrain[dot]com and I can walk you through the process.
    The outbrain team

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