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Monthly Archives: February 2009

To be read,
  So to read,
    Want to know,
    Of the web,
The reviews,
  So many,
    Net topics:
  And Design,
    Markets, Blogs,
Of these things,
  Future bound,
    Yet, so too
  Form printed,

Held in books.

Now turn we to our hungry co-workers,
As yet our path to go be still unknown,
To whence, to where, expressions of the few,
So confused in combination with rest,
And more some vehemently so opine.

But, to turn again to which be our guide,
In such times as these recurrently be,
To vote, to say, to so together plan,
Strike back at hunger’s malignant beckon
With such an instrument perfected, this.

Sometimes it can be said,
Thinking happens,
Either heart or head,
Also, so too seen,
Black or white,
No-no in-between,
Now arrives the latest fad,
Be it good,
Or be it bad.

What such an eye,
This eye, this thing,
Has to seen and,
Will have to have seen,
As construction,
On the journey,
More rare than its parts,
Not so much of alloy ,of metal,
But so assembled,
Together, collated, aggregated,
So that through,
For we, you and I,
May borrow a gaze,
From what was sought,
To find.

of dreams i have,
and have many do i,
such dreams of things,
things, places, life,
better than now,
then more better still,
improving of circumstance,
of with skills so improving,
talent – creatively, technically,
ever entwined talent,
the guide to the next,
the next opportunity now.


When advice and opinions sought,
From those close and personal thought,
Often prove to not be enough,
And looking elsewhere can be tough,
Efforts commence, reduce the doubt,

Solely from within and without,
Combing, combining sources scout,
Alone, or with few, is too ruff,
Take new brain out,

Ratings from all do and have taught,
That which you, I and we want got,
Recommendations sine fluff,
Focusing towards the hot, hot stuff,
Simply through stars, better does sprout,
Take new brain out.

i used to go to camp
we’d gather ’round the fire
spend the time
share stories of fun and scare
an hour, more
through night we’d lie down
stars above
’til the next day broke
the sun, the alert, the start
to resuming our daily tasks
of visualizing
transparently tracking
productivity marked
measured, goals set
understanding one
and each other
that day and throughout
the summer
so was my
so was our
time at camp

With comments those these all
Of mine everywhere so
In of need a brand new home
To go find follow and share



Into that





And lights.

Less than more,

Less than …

mistakes do happen
made all the time
malevolent and benign

note, when things look askew
perhaps an ‘e’ turns schwa
patience, pause the flamewar
check both hard- and soft-ware

for it all may and seems to be
an error by humans
in length, digits three
‘?/?’ was all it took
accidentally entered
MALWARE — the world shook