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Monthly Archives: January 2009

Upon such
Whereto and therefore
All so and so not
Contained herein
Absolute discretion
Exercised by parties
Directly or not
It so is often so found
An inordinate plethora
Of not excessive verbiage
May be preferable to all
To be resolved agreeably
With a click
Of a button.


when everything is related,

from mouse to cat and cat to dog,

of types and forms so very varied,

the websites, web products, and web logs,

connected and intertwining —

social chatter, thither-hither-thither and fro,

more sharing and fun-fun-fun,

richer experiences will surely grow.

When any answer will do,
There is something here, and it is new,
When writers block takes hold,
There are answers from people so polled,
From inquiries on my road trip mix tape,
To when I get home, I always eat 1 grape,
For help preventing your content from being stinky,
There is new a prompt, new daily challenge, called Plinky.

Came now to dot gov,
Here seen what was,
A site steps above,
New openness,
Growing participation of,
Experiments, for cause,

In purpose,
Supporting democracy,

Has new proposals,
Evoking new imagery,
Releasing a blog,
Enhanced with new clarity.

Over here!
Over here!
I am over-over here.
Been chatting,
Both far and near.

The group
Keeps on growing,
The area is showing,
The pics,
The heads,
Of people
’round me.

United —
To a point —
From afar —
And more.

Over here,
From a tweet,
To somewhere,
On the Earth,
I am here,
To share,
And to gather.

With friends,
New and old,
The social world,

We vote,
And we share,
From most everywhere,
And especially,
Most notably,
From here.

by myself Together,

We always sometimes do do better,

With this good cool,

Old New writing tool,

Writing turns hard fun,

Side-by-side, work job gets done,

Isn’t Is the way to be heard,

Enough Democracy — of the word.

Right here
Right now
Good times

No path
No branch
So much

A simple brick
A block
To build
Cute cuddly –

Advice in this complex world
With all manner of things
Electric and cool
To think I used to spend time
Poking and prodding
Reading and …

Now finding
My new furry friend
Of balance and simplicity
Most happiness filling
In its user friendlyicity

buzz up go
essay two
now algo
much to do
partner’s moe
time for crew
running fro-
learn and grow
course’s new
plan’s all go