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Monthly Archives: November 2008

thankful frog I – O, In – Out
Doppin’ files in
To let them get them out
To do some good sharin’
To access from about
I-O, I-O, I-O

There it was,
Each picture marking our ground,
Brimming with excitement,
We all gathered ’round,
Long had we waited,
And all gathered now,
Now hand in hand
Jumping up and down,
Shouting with cheer,
Now was the time,
The time was now here,
To seize the day,
Go onward and,
Further journey from here.

seem to like my laugh
(apparently have good ears)
Funny plus half
Like the same beers
And a programmer, too!

boop ME
Am hot and adorable,
Giving you "chillz"
ID’ed just 1 at my table
Impressed by my txting skills
"dance — me + u?"

Well, it’s simple
It’s also quite plain
A big big big big bucket
Pictures, video — amount insane
Millions of all to pick and to view
For millions of many including
You you you and you

Let’s become a little more sophisticated,
Letting zeal carry you away,
It’s unique and you won’t forget it,
I think it’s simple to use, and does its job —
Out with the old, in with the snooth.

Eagerly I must wait,
Through day and the night,
Still my love you I am with,
Fingers clicking mouse,
Staring into your beautiful screen,
’till briefly I must,
As beckoned by, receive, then return to you.

Password management
Logging in with OpenID

I love to chat
And IM and
Things like that

Of pix and slang
Expressing firsthand

To my large gang  friendsCartoon
And my friend, solo
Online we hang

When nowhere to go
Elsewhere and rooms
All on meebo