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Monthly Archives: October 2008

I’d like to ask of you
A favor to assist
Me with this thing
Hope you do at least try
Lest be it not for you
Perhaps that guy

Shiny, candy-colored fun,
Functionally and pretty,
Positioned just – jade, ruby,
Royal, more – modular desks
Do info, icons boxy,
Bookmarks, grouped, gridded, and sleek.

A twisting
Of things
And of stuff

To learn
And suggest

to know somewhere rests a nice comfy chair

in that place soon to be will go

is a breeze blowing in
through the window still left ajar

sun shining and through around
gently warming the waters

makes one not care
to update and share
the journeys
the lists
the adventure


Off Alaskan Way, on Elliot Bay,
Where ellsie o. likes to go sit
At Pier 66 many people hang,
On benches, others lunch with chips.
Enjoying the westerly view,image
A sailboat, some ships, go past,
Remembering, some like to sketch,
I’ve been here before,
And I will here whrrl more,
Again, by and by.

do films go bad when nobody’s watching?
do they know if that click will be coming?
do any others, shows and music, care?
do they all tire knowing no one is there?

simple, sharable
highlight, comment, send
collaborative image annotation tool

With so much Argh!
And Ahhhh!
The money’s
Oh No’s!

I have decided,
It best to find,
To get a handle on
With that which holds my shoes!

And less of it,
The current method,
A feeble, feeble jumble of
Somewhat filed, lost, Uh Ohs!

Will be so very,
Very much enjoyed,
When my finances readjust,
And I can shake these blues.

To fm
Hyped nordpolen
Tom sam max
Sue skit nik
What we think
So listen
Or hear
Peep’s peoples
Similar loves
From First to Last

Calling my friends, politically inclined,
Hasn’t been so constructive an
Activity before this, each opened mind,
New app on my iPhone began
GPS mapped, people and all intertwined,
Events, involvement, for each fan.