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Monthly Archives: September 2008

And here I am,
Time shorter goes,
Planning, seeking,
To extend it,
Time of relax,
The days fleeting,
Able to lay,
In the warm sun,
Grasping greener,
A trip, hold on.

a to drop
as it did do done drop
from my here
do done seen
how this drop did does
cause my web favs
a jumbled distress
of mad my markets
all flubbed
most now may
go go gone gone

All by myself
I am sitting here
No one to see
Less seen to do

Perhaps poorly chosen
My location of here
Seeming much less
That most over there

With too few around
And those too far away
I shall be here exploring
Alone, with none others, today

I really would like to write for the Apple store,
Maybe 1, maybe 2, or maybe, maybe more.
But, from what I can see and I can I can see,
That I can that that me would not be happy.
For that Apple store, that I do adore,
Does not like that dear app from which my heart would pour.
They do not seem to have, a sound sound policy,
For what I create for you, you, you, and me.

Inevitable stumble leads to stumble more
From stumble to stumble random and new
A tangled web in motion, blinking
Upon such a sea of flash movie boats
Upon among sales and other frank thoughts
Upon and along with the mish and with mash
Stumbles compelled by those who do
Upon folks curious and much spare time too

It was not
Too long ago
That from others
I learned
Via internship
There pluses many
More so problems too
Glad I am now happy
That for others
They can see them
Worst rated #2

I go online – often not thrilled
For just as often am filled








Some happiness found for me
In little ‘g‘s new p.policy
For once was months 15 plus 3
Halved, a bit better, to a degree

When many news
Become many bits
Of bits of views
From all sources
From friend updates
To my boss’s
And everything becomes
More useful
Parts more than the sums

If I stand on my head
Eyes squinted
Neck tilted just so
I can see
My current browser
Looking like
My new browser
Upside down
Tabs on top
Everything else blended away
Much easier, simpler
Maybe quicker
(Less painful too)
Than standing
On my head