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In the online
with shelves a many
going on and on

he some so builds
and expresses
upon un-real wood

within virtual
ui of shelves
to be perused

and too from awkward
to interesting
browse, interact.

Past sporadic
and infrequent was
experienced it

now with the rain
of the large jungle
of numerous books

and arrangements
passing – thus so
allowing creatures

of his familiar
lavishly Green
rich amazon

to be heard, to out
to be heard singing
for more and now

see, he more now
can… may walk these
most tropical aisles

on a new knowledge
venture way and
so explore more.


  1. Can’t figure out what ui stands for, universal interface (which is not a buzz word?)?
    Can’t fathom what too means. Does it mean in addition (also) or excessive?

  2. a ‘UI’ is a common acronym for user interface
    ‘too’ in this context can be taken to mean ‘also’

  3. We had a contest to come up with haikus for my site, LibraryThing:

    My contribution was:

    Somewhere a server
    Spams my gynecologist.
    I use Shelfari.


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