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I enjoy eating out,
Trying new foods in new ways, melon flavored roast duck,
As yummy it surely is, price increasing too much,
Has caused me to pause, to doubt.

Just where my hard earned goes,
To study and graph and crunch, exploring new methods,
Trying all kinds of new tools, like quicken and money,
Tried mint I once did do choose.

Its price — budget aligned,
Found clumsy and confusing, just not worth it back then,
But now, alas, with budget, as the budget is small,
It’s tiny – very confined.

Tried again – to survey,
To see it all – these cool things, with better budgeting,
And super handy how-to’s,
I am back and to stay.

For far short of improving,
And the optimizing, required of my savings,
My credit and loans too, would be to do food cooking,
Skill absent, disapproving.

So hooray – excitement,
Able to keep eating out, and not be stuck with food,
Home cooked food that everyone, would most assuredly,
Desire to so circumvent.


  1. I love eating out so I can discover new menus to indulge in at home.

  2. So glad you tried us again. Many thanks for being a Mint user. I hope we’re able to save you alot of money while dining out. You might want to check out our How To guide on saving money at restaurants at Salud!

  3. Thank you so much for the words.

    VP of Product,

  4. hi cool site

  5. Thanks for the link to mint… this is what I’ve been looking for forever. MS Money and Quicken suck. Maybe this will make them get their acts together.

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