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Monthly Archives: August 2008

Wouldn’t you
With a name
Of Jaiku
In a game
With so few
And shame
For you-know-who

Wouldn’t you
Think that
With Google
Resources fat
Their programming crew
Would rock micro-chat
So long overdue

Wouldn’t you
With invites for all
Tech anew
From development crawl
To latest debut
Sit and mull
Should I venture (again) into?

Theparker favs set
And one you should get
Pommes frites, when
Drunk, are unmet

And don’t skip kyle
Says café grumpy’s got style
Their clover coffee, his fav,
For which he would definitely walk a mile

In the online
with shelves a many
going on and on

he some so builds
and expresses
upon un-real wood

within virtual
ui of shelves
to be perused

and too from awkward
to interesting
browse, interact.

Past sporadic
and infrequent was
experienced it

now with the rain
of the large jungle
of numerous books

and arrangements
passing – thus so
allowing creatures

of his familiar
lavishly Green
rich amazon

to be heard, to out
to be heard singing
for more and now

see, he more now
can… may walk these
most tropical aisles

on a new knowledge
venture way and
so explore more.

To say, I would have to, so,
That a rose or two are, or,
A bunch of tulips are, be,
Most wonderful gifts for me.

However, to be noted,
Shortcomings I see – feel too,
From the cost that they do bear,
To their sneeze inducing air.

A more open source there be,
With prices priced quite-quite free,
And for from this tree, xin yi,
Fully spread, may ‘cure’ all we.

I enjoy eating out,
Trying new foods in new ways, melon flavored roast duck,
As yummy it surely is, price increasing too much,
Has caused me to pause, to doubt.

Just where my hard earned goes,
To study and graph and crunch, exploring new methods,
Trying all kinds of new tools, like quicken and money,
Tried mint I once did do choose.

Its price — budget aligned,
Found clumsy and confusing, just not worth it back then,
But now, alas, with budget, as the budget is small,
It’s tiny – very confined.

Tried again – to survey,
To see it all – these cool things, with better budgeting,
And super handy how-to’s,
I am back and to stay.

For far short of improving,
And the optimizing, required of my savings,
My credit and loans too, would be to do food cooking,
Skill absent, disapproving.

So hooray – excitement,
Able to keep eating out, and not be stuck with food,
Home cooked food that everyone, would most assuredly,
Desire to so circumvent.

Left early in the day,
Adventured south and away.
For a starter, some congee,
And very cold, iced coffee.
Then for some shopping, I just had to do,
Boosted by many drinks of energy too.
And who could possibly resist,
Lunch, seafood, and a martini with a twist.
With legs a bit tired,
And fuller felt, saw a theater and was inspired,
To watch the latest, and the hottest,
With drink and popcorn, sized – modest.
This brought me,
Now to evening, so lovely.
With the days heat still producing steam
I decided, then sought out wonderful ice-cream.
And, maybe it was everything before,
Or this most recent decision – down in my core
I knew with my ‘breaks’ I had been too frugal,
I was about to burst – and would have – if not saved by diaroogle.

I know people
Who had difficulty
By algebra’s;
Many challenged,
With lettered numbers,
And denominators.

I know people
Who had difficulty
With calculus;
Of all sorts,
Their differential,
Their homework fuss.

I know people
Who had difficulty
With geometry;
Better I know,
To this I now send,
And render my time free.



not enough can i seem to get,
the tingles of excitement.
as i watch all day,events and records,
channel to channel is much
too little for me and
the online by way of traditional,
again falling far too short.
this event, my event,
my challenge to strive,
channeling huanhuan,
faster, higher – stronger, too,
to win to view,
one world of —
be it all live or on record,
but to see, to succeed,
achieving one dream,
and be with the many other
athletes as they run and jump
and fall i will strive,
using all my spirit and
veetle youtube more
for it will never be enough.

Lying here,
Looking up,
Dazzling me with lights,

Dragging and zooming,
Touching and feeling,
Terrifically exciting,

I reach out,
I want to try,
Be I see, images,

Beauty too, animating,
Now-now, not ready,
Not full functional (yet),

An idea,
A concept,
Quite nebulous,

Qualities shared with too,
Wait I will, name of abstract, south and north,
What may future-net someday spring forth.

Pretty neat, and cool.

But, I wonder,
While sitting here —
Watching there —
To see,
Seconds at a time:
Moving sneakers, 10,
Office panning, 39.

Even Culberson,
Is in on the ‘fun.’

And clearly,
While nifty,
And spiffy and sweet;
Its people,
Its produce,
Remain unaffected,
As is, untouched,
And un-neat.