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app S  
  C compete for me
ra R ely do i care
most A re a waste
  B ut one
wonderf U l one i
  L oved to play
sc O re and challenge
gone from U sa and canada
  S topped, halted


  1. Loved to play

    Loved to play

    : )

  2. nice work!

  3. I miss Scrabulous! I had two games going when BAM it’s down! The two guys who made Scrabulous also made the Chess Pro app that I like. Kudos to them.

  4. : ( . . .

    it’s a sad day

    the email versions still work… or at least my games do.

  5. Ive never really gotten into poetry, but I wish I had. I really love to read books, approx 50 per year, so I don’t get why the peotry thing never connected.

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