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Outside I see the sun. And people
Having fun not working – work,
Playing games, lying down, holding hands,
Their hands, my left knee, warmed by the sun,
While my hand, my right, by laptop is heated.

Stuff with that must get done goes growing,
And the roaring rumblings and excitement beyond,
The glass distracting, diffracting, focus blurring
From the new site that up could totally, should be —

Surrendering, feeling forced, aside being cast,
To join the parties, laughs and smiles, visit the pool,
Website must wait, “under construction” it will be
Pausing launch – splash time and more will not.


  1. It’s gorgeous today here in mid-Michigan too Sally. I mopped my floors today and got lots of fresh air in the process. :^)

  2. It was nice in western WA also Andy. I didn’t mop any floors but I have absolutely no idea in the world what this poem is all about.

    Has a nice rythm to it though.

  3. Yep, been there, done that!

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