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Arrives the future, herein it holds for all,
Ideas of promise, abstractions sought then formed,
Functions and society may that,
From this the point does now go and spring forth,

From which may many, monstrous and delighted,
Those bolts and causing, frightened with enlightened,
Women and mankind utilizing,
Sharing and accessing each plus their own,

They entire what each, alone and respective,
Respectfully call, own of that which is so,
Empowering each among them all,
Theirs of that they can so decide which path,

Experiencing, tumultuously more,
Fully of wonder, different minglements,
Certain of monuments a somewhat,
Alas yet fates to have yielded their will,

No inclination, none as to about what,
Will when be the web, that is and may to come,
Internet name-age-tied the Web 2,
Increases yet again its name we’ll see.

Briefly a Footnote: Timeless is all the web,
Its age not measured, not of the sense of life,
Uniquely understood by phases,
Through which it travels and again evolves,

Of age is the Web, being now 2.0,
Birthday of its own, rapidly approaches,
Already many heard are singing,
Web of the Internet’s new birthday song.


  1. And then, it has came full circle,
    Something, even geekier then Urckle!
    Web 2.0 (the term), is still around
    And a peom about its birthday, is what i found

    You seem to have lots of tellent,
    With MANY topics worth your while,
    ohhh, sigh, sigh, sighhhhhhhhhhhh

    SORRY!, I HAD TO!, tho i did enjoy it, but i’m SOOOO against the “WEB 2.0”. For reasons that i have’nt blogged about yet, but i actually REALLY SHOULD, and very soon!.

  2. Should probably make it clear, that i was talking about the TERM “web 2.0”

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