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For you must understand,
I do not know drive from ram,
I do not know where I can,
Or how it should have all began,
To cause an upgrade – oh man!
I don’t know which browser – will bring me to this promised land.

It is not enough secure – for the,
Entire community,
It does not have security,
Not nearly enough – you see,
Not enough – not enough for me.

For great PayPal,
In their infinite wisdom – to sell,
To buy you must have – oh well,
They say it must be with EV SSL.

To prevent phishing they say,
I guess I won’t be getting today,
Those hot new shoes – those with a touch of grey.

They are SO IN this summer,
I guess I will have to use visa or cash- bummer…

At a store without PayPal — to which I go-go now-now!

One Comment

  1. paypal sux

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