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I am looking to buy a table,
A table with a nice view,
One not too musty,
Preferably one somewhat new.

The table can be on a hill,
And even near some water,
Of course and as long as the price
Is a fair amount and right amount of dollar.

A van for transportation
Is also being sought,
To allow for table mobility,
For that, I am hoping to have bought.

My quests are many,
But one more reference I ask of you,
I’m seeking a man for help with this table,
Single, strong, nice, and handsome too. 😉

That is why I post to craigslist,
To accomplish all these things.
But, alas, if I can only achieve the first,
A table, my view — I will happily enjoy all that it brings.

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  1. I like this. A lot.

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