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A small bird,
Away, hidden,
To grow and flourish,
Then discovered,
To be locked away,
Days stretch past a year,
But this once small,
Not dead – some surmised,
From the ashes of Jotspot,
Reborn to be Google Sites.


  1. Beautiful…would you write one about PBwiki as well? We need a poet laureate.

  2. PBwiki was floating, so high.
    In the air, near the sea, in the sky.
    It let me create, and write and think.
    It did everything but the kitchen sink.

    It’s still alive. Alive and well.
    Google Sites are boring as hell.
    Primitive, in a not cute way.
    Sad it is, JotSpot went away.

    Alas, Google has no Wiki.
    That’s Icky. Trickey. Stickey.
    PBWiki must thus reside on site.
    For me to write away the night.

    Oh woe is me, and woe is you.
    Google is lost. They have no clue.
    Sites is Pages and Pages was bad.
    So weak. So poor. So very verily Sad.

    The End. 🙂

  3. Eric, that rocks!

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