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Monthly Archives: February 2008

A small bird,
Away, hidden,
To grow and flourish,
Then discovered,
To be locked away,
Days stretch past a year,
But this once small,
Not dead – some surmised,
From the ashes of Jotspot,
Reborn to be Google Sites.

Like air.
Like water.
Like sun.
Like paper.

Like thin
And flat
And touchy
And feely.

Reading more patents.
Pondering releases.
Watching apple.
What’s next?



I am so happy, so giddy – tonight.
I just received a last minute evite.

I’m reading a webpage…
A so ugly page –
Telling me of, and about, so obtusely,
Of a party – yep, yep – quite exclusively tardy,
It did arrive – I did reply
With a big,
A wonderful —————–
A mysterious MAYBE.

ILU so dearly.
But, gt u a gr8 gift
I ddnt do erly.
W V-day
n sucha gr8 hrry.
W it fst approaching,
I’m Bginin 2 wori.
Thank gd 4 Gizmoz,
Thr dig crd – I snd surely.
I LY my dEr – Your hair so ht n curly.
bt I nw mst go,
l8r mtU @ Charlies.
4 durin dis tym,
SMS txtN W my girlie,
My ph plan – my SMS’s,
Am tld 2hv less thN 30.

(translated for old people)
All My Love

From the bottom of my heart,
I love you so dearly.
But, get you a great gift
I did not do early.
With valentines day
In such a great hurry.
With it fast approaching,
I’m beginning to worry.
Thank god for Gizmoz,
Their digital card – I send surely.
I love you my dear –
Your hair so hot and curly.
But I now must go,
Later meet you at Charlies.
For during this time,
SMS texting with my girlie,
My phone plan – my SMS’s,
Am told to have less than thirty.

Btw, did you know…

And send a gizmoz vday card from…

in two double naught seven:

a decision made,
one bad-bad day
to install…
a try…


exhaustion . . . . . . . . . 08

Some hope?
Perhaps over the horizon,
1 beyond the vista?

Chillin’ in my room – with my bunny slippers on
With orange everywhere and the sherbet striped walls
Being Mr. cool with my suit and sunglasses
Only 17 hours and 30 minutes
My next gift — furniture — a wicked starter stool
But until then — time to earn me some bunch of coins
And head over to the random love dating event
To, at the end, chill with my old and just met friends
In the very awesomely grand Habbo hotel.

Four days since Terry left the board
Four more quarters – the future year, abhorred
Point by point, product by product —
Steve offers an amount that only Microsoft can afford
6 new opinions for every two other —
To the blogosphere and media they poured
Billions of eyeballs, perhaps the sought prize —
And the end of the day… Each one hoping to not be ignored.