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Monthly Archives: January 2008

I can write…

About a journey
Unique and fun, and quite a bit wordy.

And Express an opinion
On a movie all novel, complex and foreign.

Or Tell a story about family and friends
While providing advice to those with split ends.

But, however
The words I choose press
I hope there are many of other
— That through blogging and posting
I entertain, meet, and Leave them wanting
Much, much more — not less.

The sun is out
Enjoy the day
In the air —
Crisp fresh.

But why should
I do all of these
Things When I
Can by and by
Imagine to
Being out rather
Inside and insular
Away from people
Really there when
In front of my
Computer with my
Virtual can excite
And pretend — terrible
With eye not
Other’s eye black
Or brown or blue or green Alone
And lonely Too
In Not enough
Out virtually the
World trapped
Between the lines

A notification.
Just updated.
He has bought your pet.

A greeting.
Bitten. Rsvp’ed.
— Now to the event.

A drink.
Been challenged.
Claims you are so ‘smart.’

A message.
Mood: surprised.
Pokes you now – high five.

A relationship.
Added a new friend.

there once was a company named yahoo.
a great directory there was for all of you
          but then neglect
          with leadership wrecked
bid 20% of their workforce adieu.

I know. I just heard about it too,
Just couldn’t wait — I signed up,
Then delay to get in
for a little ok
Make a coffee do the
Eye the
email and wait
Many days now many
other. Fun
products tried. Waning
my Memory — eye the
email and wait
A new beta a
new alpha —
got in and
Shaving and greying
new months to new year
Cleaning and shopping —
eye to the email
Waiting, for
Who knows
what but
enjoying What
is already here.

so many pretty things
among so very much ugly.

within such simple and elegant confines — you find
all kinds of strange and of shiny – cool to confusing
where ideas may be seen from the big to the tiny.

throughout the many screens of print-screened design
people voting watching browsing –
having a good time.

I used Netscape,
It was good and it was great.

They A. Online,
Did not see the good in time.

We everyone,
Do know there are more to – come.

October 13, 1994 – February 1, 2008

On facebook on orkut for business or some fun

       And everyone from friends to all are aware

       That they only can so very much bare

       Unconnected friends unconnecting

       Profiles all around away fading

With to manage — able none

       No simple single way

       Without some horseplay

       To move to

       Many due

To one



Dedicated to Robert Scoble
The means, and Plaxo, not quite noble —
For elevating the conversation
Of social network aggregation,
As well as social network data portability…
For this I, and we, appreciate his popularity.

Shelf after…

Shelf after…

Shelf after…

Shelf after…

Shelf after…


I am out!

I am free!

To venture there again –

Will not be me!


No store of cement and commotion.


To be lost.

To be confused.

A path for me –

The one of which I choose.


A site of digitization and delight.


Online – click.

Find. Select. Quick.

Found a place that

Allows me

To Shed my — .

For tonight it will be

For me a new movie

Exit all worry

For… even in a hurry

A selection I made

And tonight I did bade

All those my friends

to rest their sore ends

In front of my TV

To watch and (hopefully) enjoy our Netflix movie.

To you
Who I love to speak
In time
Tersely shared
Tweeted tweeted tweeted – TWEET
Everyone who does do follow
Really all hoping for business model